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Getting your website live is just the start

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Once you have finished designing and developing your website, understandably you’ll be itching to get it live and start seeing results. However, don’t think just making your site live is the end of the process. Quite the opposite, in fact it is just the starting point.

People often think that getting a website online will guarantee search results, which is sadly not the case. We often get asked questions like “will I be top of Google for this key word?” or “Will I be on page 1 in this area?”

The honest answer is probably not, not because we don’t want you to be or because we are not doing our jobs, but simply because a site will not fly to the top of search results naturally overnight, certainly not without any work going into it. Especially with new websites or brand new domain names. (new names have little domain authority)

A website has to grow and be maintained and tick lots of boxes for Google to value your site and decide that your site is the best result to serve to a users search request. Long gone are the days of just filling a page with key words and assuming you be the top result for any searches relating to those words.

Search engines now use lots of complicated algorithms and factors to consider a website, everything on site from the page content and actual structure, including how well your site works on a mobile device is a key but so is a lot of site factors, such as does your site have any social media pages or does it have any in links?

Your website is just like any other marketing or business tools – you need to work on it constantly and update it to make it grow and perform better

So what can you do yourself to boost your website?

Don’t worry if you don’t know any technical stuff, there are still loads of great easy and more often free ways that you can boost your website straight away once it goes live, so here’s a few tips.

Email people

Once your new website is launched, let the world know. You want people visiting it and you want to get hits.

Email newsletters or campaigns are a cheap quick and eye-catching way to let people know about your site. There are several good options to use.

MailChimp offers an excellent package with drag and drop builders for even the most tech shy person to be able to master as well as giving you some great statistics about who has opened the mailer or clicked on your links. It’s also free to send to up to 2,500 email addresses.

Even just a basic email sent out to your clients will be a help and don’t forget to brand your email signature and include your website link, that way every email you send is helping to promote your brand and website.

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Get social

If you already have social media pages then a count down or good build up campaign before the website launch can be a good idea or just a huge push on all your social media once it goes live. A paid ad on social media is another great option for very low-cost you can reach thousands of people.

Obviously if you don’t have any social media, get some and push your website out on it. You can also check out our article on why social media is important for more information about how it can help you. Which ever social media you use – make sure that it is the same and echos your website and brand.

Keep your website updated and make it relevant

This is why a blog or news feature is a great addition to any website, it gives you a nice easy and quick way to update your site, keep in touch with you visitors and push new content or services.

Keeping your website up to date is really important and can make a huge difference to your search results over time. A website left with no updates or content changes will just gradual slip down the ranking into obscurity.

You can also push all your blog or news articles out on your social media or even better, get your web company to set your website up to automatically do it for you so you only need to update one thing.

Don’t stop updating it…

Work on getting valuable links to your website, if you have a partner or supplier with a credible website see if you can get a link to your website from theirs. List your site in business directories or with professional bodies to help get more links and authority and ask your clients to leave reviews on Google or other key places to help promote it.

In summary remember that getting your website live is really just the starting point and you need to keep working on it, the longer you maintain it and the more you update it with good quality content, the better it will work for you.

This is by no means an extensive list and there are lots of other detailed solutions and managed options to help you out and we are happy to discuss any of these with you in more detail if you wish. Simply give us a call on 0800 689 1749 or send us a message.

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